Why is North Park here? To offer the real thing, with real answers, for real people 
with in a real experience. No playing Church here! Click to read purpose, strategy and vision. 


What is North Park all about? North Park is not about organized religion. NP is all about 
people coming together to worship and grow together. It's all about growing personally 
and growing in relationships with one another and with God. 

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Who is at home at North Park? People who want real answers to life's toughest questions. North Park is affiliated with the Southern Baptist denomination. We are, however, an autonomous Church growing with people from many different faith backgrounds. 

What is a typical Sunday/Friday like at North Park? In a word; casual... Its a laid-back coffee shop atmosphere. People dress the way they might to go to Wal-Mart. Its not difficult to know what to do. There are signs to tell you where you want to be and friendly people who will do the same. No embarrassing moments or surprises in the service either. "Hey you in the back, will you stand up and introduce yourself?" That will not happen at North Park. During the service the music is upbeat and fun- the sound is similar to "lite-rock". The words to the music are on a large multi-media screen in the front of the church so you always know what's going on. There are no dried out - boring messages at North Park. The message is in multi-media with power point, often a video or two and you will never leave with out something you can use in your life. You don't want to waste your time and we don't either. If its not worthwhile its not part of what we do... 

Service Times

    Sunday   Friday  
  Columbus: 9:00 am   5:30 pm  
    11:30 am      
  Fremont: 5:30 pm      

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How to find us: 

North Park - Columbus is on the corner of 18th Ave. & 38th Street in North East Columbus 

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North Park - Fremont

1640 W Military Ave 
Fremont, NE 68025

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Mailing Address: 

North Park Church 

PO Box 414 

Columbus, NE. 68601 

*Primary Church phone: (402)563-4223 

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