Purpose Statement

(Why we are here)

We exist to celebrate God's presence... (worship)

to communicate God's word... (evangelism)

to disciple God's people... (discipleship)

And to demonstrate God's love... (ministry & fellowship)

Strategy Statement

(What we will do to fulfill our purpose)

We will favor unlikely people...

We will protect unity at all costs...

And we will have a do what ever it takes attitude...


Our Vision

(How we fulfill our purpose)

Our vision is to draw overchurched, unchurched and dechurched people into a real experience with God through nontraditional worship opportunities; helping people move into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through innovative, creative nonconventional teaching venues; trying and attempting various avenues while encouraging people to serve with out fear of failure or religious - legalistic barriers; providing them with the opportunity for freedom, release and recovery through honest relationships and Christ centered teaching.