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Dan      I'm appreciative of Pastor for his personality and how he gives his sermons. He has a stoic appearance at first but thats only a set-up for his sarcasm. He's got a real good combo going and I appreciate that he wants us to hear the truth.

Dan      I'm appreciative of Pastor Ryan because of the manner in which he talks to you when in a one-on-one situations and I appreciate his humor once you get him going.

Dan      I'm appreciative of Pastor Jason (Jack Weasel) for his enthusiasm when talking about things he is passionate for. I also appreciate that we both have some....some of the same views in common.

Rusty      Pastor Lyn is an incredible shepherd and teacher. He has helped to reveal God's truth to me through scripture, as we as, encouraged me to realize who I am in Christ. What a humbler leader!

Rusty      Pastor Jason is very approachable, trustworthy, has grown tremendously, is a wonderful resource for scriptural references and truly humble.

Rusty      Pastor Ryan is instrumental in firmly planting a Godly song and message in my heart-one I can draw strength, encouragement and God's truth from, many times during each day!

Jill      To our Pastors, Grateful believer soaking in the truth of God's word. Pointing me in the right direction and lighting the path to the one and only

Jade      Appreciation for all our pastors of N.P. for leading and teaching the truth from God's word.

Sandy      Over the past few years I have watched a great transformation in you. To see what God can do 1st hand is just amazing and what a witness of His love you are.

Sandy      Pastor Ryan, you are a very gifted person. You have brought a lot to N.P. with your talents. I am also very proud to tell everyone you are family. I just love you and your family and I am so glad you all are here. Just want to say thank you.

Dellis      I appreciate Pastor Lyn for sound teaching and his grace.

Dellis      I appreciate Pastor Jason for his guidence, example, and leadership.

Dellis      I appreciate Pastor Ryan for his counsel, leadership, and teaching.

Aubri      I like that Pastor Lyn preaches.

Greg       I appreciate Lyn's devotion to Jesus and our church. Along with the time that he has taken to encourage us in our marraige and parenting. Sandy also encourages me to be nice to my wife, "she's the only one I'll ever get."

Corrin      Pastor Lyn and Sandy treat me as one of their own. A friend and family member. They are always there for a good laugh or good advice when needed. I am happy that I can call them my friends and my church leaders!

Crystal      I appreciate all of our Pastors sooo much!! I know many probably feel my opinion doesn't count, because one pastor is my dad, one is my brother, and one will soon be my husband. However, I feel that this makes my opinion all the more valuable, because I know them behind closed doors... Even knowing all the sides of these guys, I think they are amazing! The same at church as they are at home. I really loves these guys and think very highly of all three!