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Ryan Young

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Pastor Ryan is pastor of worship and arts at North Park. He was born in Portland, OR. Married Ciana on June 1st 2002. Pastor Ryan & Ciana have one son, Briston. Accepting Christ at the age of 19 Pastor Ryan dedicated his life to Him a couple of years later. He started playing the guitar at the age of 18 which led to him using his God Gift to worship at a various of churches. Which included a 2 year period at Morningside Community Church in Southwest Kansas.

"I came to North Park because of God's calling. For the first time in my life I obeyed God completely without holding back something for myself. As a result my family and I have experienced God's healing and faithfulness in ways hard to express. We have been part of God's loving work of restoring lives and conforming hearts to Christ. That has happened to us here at North Park and we are joining Him in that work."

Pastor Ryan

  June 2021  
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