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The Bible teaches a powerful concept called "visitation." The Hebrew
word for visitation, paqad, indicates a time when the Eternal God breaks
into human history in order to bless or to punish individuals or
nations. This visitation always changes the destiny of the person or
nation, whether they are ready for it or not. In fact, very few people
are ready for a visitation from God. Many people doubt that God has
anything to do with humans. They argue that God created the universe,
wound it up like a giant alarm clock, and then let it go, with no
intention of interacting with it again. Other people are too busy for a
visit from God. They have their list of things to accomplish, and they
have their ladders to climb; they simply have no interest in God's
breaking into their plans. Still others are afraid of a visit from God.
Regardless of whether we expect—or want—to experience a visitation from
God, he comes.