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When I was young boy my parents had these neat little sets of paperback
books. One was Old Testament and the other New Testament. One of the
paper backs in the OT set told the story of Samson. I used to read and
stare at the pictures in that book for hours. My favorite was a picture
of Samson carrying off the gates of the city while Philistine arrows
rained down around him! It is probably where my first interest in weight
lifting stemmed from. Every little boy wants to be the strongest man in
the world! God supernaturally gifted Samson with incredible physical
strength. God’s calling was for him to deliver and restore righteousness
among his people. Unfortunately this man who was so strong that no one
could defeat him, defeated himself. No doubt we also can be our own
worst enemy. Lets look together at this amazing story and see what God
has for us so that we may not get caught in same traps as Samson; free
to successfully live out God's calling for our lives!