Easter Devotional - Day 2: The Gospel Source

Yesterday we made a new commitment to the Gospel. Stating that we believe that Jesus died for our sins, was buried and was raised again just as the Bible says.
The Gospel was the plan of the Holy Trinity since before the ages began (Titus 1:2). Jesus came from all the beauty and majesty of heaven to die for our sins, to be buried and be raised again (BTW, that’s the Gospel). This was the plan of the Godhead since before the ages began. But when Jesus came into the world to fulfill that plan, He didn’t keep it from His sheep. He said that what He heard from the Father, He made known to them (John 15:15). And it’s true. From the moment His true identity was revealed to His disciples, He began showing them that He must suffer, die and be raised again (Matthew 16:21). He has done the same for you. If you know Christ, you truly have the inside scoop. The info didn’t come from any human source. It came right from the top. So this Holy Week, remember, this is not man’s gospel. You didn’t receive this Gospel from any man. Rather you received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ from God Himself.

Praise be to God who loved me and revealed Jesus crucified and raised again, to my heart.

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